In Jackpot Hacker, your goal is simple: to hit the jackpot.  But as a slot machine quality assurance engineer you have complete access to the machine, no pit bosses lurking around, and no cameras.  Just you, the slot machine, and the fact that you get a bonus every time you hit the jackpot on a machine you're testing.

Good luck!...  If you need it.


Created in 16 days for the "Thinky games are for everyone" game jam.  My approach to the theme was to create a game with very simple input (only mouse clicks) without getting too abstract or convoluted.  I was also curious about how a puzzle game based on randomness would work.

Optional themes used:

  • I'll borrow that: Take a game genre that is far from being thinky (racing, fighting, platformer, etc) and turn it into a thinky game.
    • Point-and-click game + gambling game = thinky game?
  • Musique concrète: Use live, recorded samples for all your sfx.
    • All sound effects were made using the sounds of coins and various containers.


Assets used:


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I love it. Such fun problem solving.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

It was a lot of fun to make, but was definitely an experimental kind puzzle design for me, so I wasn’t sure what people would think. I’m happy to hear that it resonated with someone!